THA Application Data Centers of Test Expertise Reference Data Output Builder

Output Builder

For an introduction to the Output Builder module, please download this tutorial video (74 MB).

Step 1 - Select Data Set (Default Data Set is selected)

Select the data set that contains the information to be used for the output builder process. Once selected, any items added to the output builder will automatically be appended to the the current selected data set (excluding shared data sets). The layout to be used for each specific data type will be specified in Step 2 (however, you may choose to do Step 2 before Step 1).

Data Set Options

Define a New Data Set Use the Default Data Set Select a Public Data Set

Step 2 - Select Layout (Default Layout is selected)

Select the layout to be used to format the selected data set during the output builder process. Alternatively, you can select a public layout.

Layout Options

Define a New Layout Select a Publc Layout

Step 3 - Build Output

Click one of the buttons below to build Default Layout using data items from Default Data Set. Only formats associated with your selected layout are shown.